About Us

Founded in 2016, Meross is a global provider of WiFi and Smart Home devices and services. Meross was established by a group of experienced experts who used to work for big names such as Microsoft, MTK, Cisco, TP-LINK and etc. Given their solid and great relationship with upstream suppliers in the industry, Meross has attracted various investment offers and is expanding quickly.

WiFi related products have been intimidating to most consumers, who may have difficulties setting up their network or expanding Wi-Fi to cover their entire house or business. We believe that consumers should be provided with much easier-to-use products and exceptional services. Our core competence and the focus of the company is to build a better user experience. This has been the vision and purpose of the company since its foundation.

Name: Chengdu Meross Technology Co.,Ltd.
Tax ID: 91510100MA62NHT142
Address: No. 1935, Floor 19, Unit1, Building 7, No. 1700 of Tianfu Avenue North, Gaoxin, Chengdu, Free Trade Trial Zone, Sichuan, China

Bank Account: China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Chengdu JinHe Branch 51050150860800000675

Support Email: support@meross.com

Pre-sales Email: info@meross.com