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What a Routine can do? In brief, it can enable your meross smart devices to run with a schedule.

In Routine, we offer you two most popular and useful functions——Auto On/Off and  Countdown Off. And, a special function is also provided——A Routine to control a Scene.


1) Auto On/Off

You can set your smart device to be on and off in a certain time as you wish. For example, you have a smart plug controlling a floor lamp. You can set the schedule as follow.

On at 6:00 AM Weekdays

Off at 7:30 AM Weekdays

On at Sunset Weekdays

Off at 10:30 PM Weekdays

On at 7:00 AM Weekends

Off at 8:00 AM Weekends

On at Sunset Weekends

Off at Sunrise Weekends

As you can see, it supports Sunrise and Sunset On/Off function, which will give you a smarter low carbon footprint life.


2) Countdown Off

You can set your smart device to be off after a certain period of time. For example, you have a smart plug controlling a blender. Your cake handbook says the eggs and flour should be stirred for 5 min. You can set the schedule as Auto Off after 5 min and then power on the plug. This will help you get what you want precisely.


3) Set a Routine to control a Scene

We've introduced what a Scene can do at here. Now we are thrilled to tell you that your Routine can control a Scene. You just need to set up a Routine and select a Scene that you want to control and everything will be ready!


Last but not least, different from other brand smart devices which can not run Routine if the internet connection is lost, Meross routines can still run even when your internet connection is lost by accident.


Isn't it amazing? Try it out  and set up your first Routine now!