[EN 14604] Smoke Alarm / Fire Detector

  • [Reliable Choice] Certified by DIN EN 14604 (Certified by CNPP), CE and RoHS, can detect smoke, fire, protect your family.
  • [Loud Enough] When smoke or fire is detected, it will remind you with a sound above 85db. At the same time, the LED will flash to remind you.
  • [Easy Installation] This alarm is battery-operated, no wiring needed, can be installed in 5 minutes by yourself, packge coming with screws and bracket.
  • [Long Battery Life] Built-in lithium battery, it can be used for 10 years under normal conditions.
  • [No Flashing Lights at Night] Built-in illuminance sensor, the night LED will not keep flashing and disturb you to rest.
  • [Small and Beautiful] It has won the IF design award. The exquisite and small appearance is matched with white color, and it is not obtrusive where it is placed.
  • [Does not Support Meross APP] This product can be used independently and cannot be used on Meross APP.
    Detection Method
    • Optical sensor
    Power Supply
    • Sealed battery (3V DC)
    Battery Lifetime
    • 10 years
    Alarm Volume
    • ≥ 85 dB (A) at 3 meters
    Alarm Sensitivity
    • 0.105-0.155 dB/m
    Monitored Area
    • 40㎡
    Operating Temperature
    • 0℃-40℃
    Operating Humidity
    • <93%
    Date of Replacement
    • See product label
    Individual Alarm Indicator
    • Yes
    Alarm Silence Facility
    • Yes |Hush time: 10 minutes
    Low Battery Warning
    • Yes
    Low Battery Silence Facility
    • Yes | Hush time: 10 hours
    • Installation in leisure
    Accommodation Vehicles
    • Yes
    Mounting Location
    • Ceiling or wall
    • No
    How long can this product can be used?

    Under normal circumstances, this product can be used for 10 years.


    What is the alarm volume of this product?

    ≥85 dB(A) at 3 meters.


    Why can't I activate the device?

    Before installation, please make sure the button on the back is in the ON position.


    I have bought multiple devices. When a fire triggers an alarm, will other alarms follow along with it?

    Sorry, this alarm does NOT support this function. But we have a smart smoke alarm that supports this function, the model is GS559A, you can search it.

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