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Meross's Initiatives towards Carbon Neutrality

Meross's Initiatives towards Carbon Neutrality


As environmental conservation takes center stage in discussions worldwide, an increasing number of companies are actively engaging in efforts to mitigate climate change. Meross is dedicating relentless efforts towards environmental initiatives. We have implemented a range of innovative measures, from product design to material selection for packaging, striving to reduce carbon emissions and contribute their part towards building a sustainable ecosystem.

Meross's Efforts towards Carbon Neutrality:

1. **Utilizing Lightweight Materials**: we strive to employ lightweight materials whenever possible. This includes reducing non-essential packaging elements, effectively lessening material weight to meet our carbon neutrality objectives.


2. **Crafting Sleek Designs**: In product development, we prioritize compact designs to enhance the aesthetics while minimizing shell material consumption, resulting in products that are both lightweight and streamlined.

3. **Investing in Energy Efficiency Features**: As a smart home brand, we've dedicated substantial resources to the research and development of energy-saving functionalities. Currently, nearly all of our products support timed switching capabilities, empowering users to optimize their appliance usage, thereby conserving energy during non-essential periods. This contributes to the preservation of valuable resources.


   Additionally, significant investments have been made in the development of power consumption monitoring features. Presently, our daily energy consumption monitoring function is live. In our latest products equipped with power measurement capabilities, users can easily track their daily energy usage, facilitating a better understanding and resolution of energy conservation challenges.


4. **Reducing Plastic Packaging**: Meross is committed to minimizing the use of plastic packaging. Since 2018, the company has set low-carbon development goals and progressively reduced the use of non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic packaging components. As of 2023, 95% of Meross's products have transitioned to paper-based packaging.

5. **Mitigating Transport Emissions**: The company is actively transitioning more products to transportation modes with lower carbon intensity, such as sea freight or rail transport. Studies indicate that shipping the same product via sea freight results in 95% less emissions compared to air freight. Furthermore, we have optimized product packaging for greater compactness. Through careful analysis, the new packaging design has been estimated to reduce transport emissions by 20%.


6. **Collaborating with Business Partners**: Meross collaborates closely with our business partners in leveraging cutting-edge smart technologies to support carbon reduction efforts. Together with other partner enterprises, we're developing innovative technologies to accelerate global responses to climate change.

Through these concerted measures, Meross is dedicated to contributing to environmental conservation and is actively working towards a sustainable future. Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact underscores our dedication to a greener, more sustainable world.

Maximizing the Potential of Meross Products for Energy Efficiency

Meross isn't just about innovative products; it's about empowering you to take charge of your energy consumption and make a positive impact on the planet.So how can you use Meross product to reduce the Energy cost, here are some strategies for you:

Remote Control: Remote control stands as a pivotal energy-saving solution within the realm of smart homes. Through this feature, users have the ability to remotely power off household appliances or activate them during periods of lower emissions.

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