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Meross works on Matter

Matter – Breaking the Language Barriers in the Smart Home


The vision that led Meross to participate in building Matter is that smart connectivity should be simple, reliable, and interoperable. Nowadays, smart home users often have several different apps, devices and platforms which may or may not work together. This confuses consumers when they buy additional devices to figure out which ones may work with the existing platforms and devices, and this will limit their choice.


In this situation, Matter comes with the Multi-Admin, one of the core features that will help users choose flexible smart home devices. Consumers may own and use many apps and devices, and Matter devices can work with any of them simultaneously without requiring users to choose a single controller, platform, or app.

What are the Language barriers in the smart home?

Many consumers are familiar with the various ways to build a smart home. This includes platforms from large companies like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, as well as other applications such as security, lighting, energy systems, and various innovative smart home controllers. These offer various means to control your smart home devices through their interfaces, apps, voice assistants or automation.


In the absence of a common standard, all these platforms, controllers and other systems have been using various technologies and often their protocols when connecting to smart home devices, placing the burden on manufacturers to support multiple 'languages' or just pick the biggest one. This often means that each platform or controller supports a different set of devices, and consumers have to navigate compatibility charts, as well as a variety of different setup and linking processes. All of this has changed with Matter.

Source from @CSA

A New and Common Language for Everyone

Matter is not a new platform that replaces existing ones, and it gives platform providers and device manufacturers a new, common language to talk between devices locally and securely. This means that smart home products with the Matter logo will work seamlessly with Matter-enabled apps, assistants and platforms. Multiple management takes this universal interoperability a step further by allowing users to connect their Matter devices to multiple platforms, apps or other control points to control them where and how they choose.

Source from @CSA

Matter makes today's smart home easier by increasing user choice and flexibility, and it also opens the door to innovations – new devices, controllers and platforms. Before Matter, building a smart home platform, controller, or even a light switch required establishing interoperability with many devices and protocols. Even the most innovative smart home controller was of limited value if it only controlled a handful of devices in the home. With Matter, anyone can build a compelling new smart home platform, app or controller that is compatible with the vibrant ecosystem of Matter devices right out of the box.

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