Upgrade firmware for your HomeKit devices! We have released new firmwares for HomeKit devices to drastically improve the connection stability. Please refer to www.meross.com/support/FAQ/447.html and upgrade your HomeKit devices.






What a Scene can do? In brief, You can simply turn on and off multiple devices just with one tap via a scene. For smart lighting products, you can simply set color and brightness for multiple devices just with one finger tap.


In detail, you can

1. Control multiple devices at once just as you are controlling a group.

2. Set color and brightness for multiple smart lighting products simultaneously with a finger tip.

3. Link your meross account to Alexa or Google so that you can ask your voice assistant to run the scene you set up.

4. Set a Routine to control a Scene

We've introduced what a Routine can do at here. Now we are thrilled to tell you that your Scenes can be controlled by a Routine. You just need to set up a Routine and select a Scene that you want to control and everything will be ready! Then, your Scenes can run automatically even without moving your fingers and lips. For example, you have 5 bulbs and 2 light strips, you can preset Movie Mode, All Off Mode, Relaxing Mode, and Dinning Mode. With the Routine controlling the Scenes automatically, you can have


Dinning Mode at 7:00 PM Everyday 


TV Mode at 8:00 PM Everyday


Relaxing Mode at 9:00 PM Everyday


All Off Mode at 10:00 PM Everyday


Last but not least, different from other brand smart devices which can not run Scene if the internet connection of Home Wi-Fi is lost, you can still run Secnes with a simple tap provide that you are in local network even when your Home Wi-Fi lost internet connection by accident.


Isn't it amazing? Try it out  and set up your first Scene now!