Upgrade firmware for your HomeKit devices! We have released new firmwares for HomeKit devices to drastically improve the connection stability. Please refer to www.meross.com/support/FAQ/447.html and upgrade your HomeKit devices.





Through many users' feedback and our verification, some of the HomeKit pairing failures may be related to the Home app or iCloud data. You can try to pair the device by the steps below:


1. Reset the device according to the user manual.
2. Create a new Home in the Home app, for instance, "My Home Test".
3. Switch your Home to "My Home Test" and try to add the device.
4. If the device is successfully added, delete the "My Home Test".
5. Do not reset the device, and try to add the device again by scanning or manually inputting the code in your Primary Home, the chance of adding the device will be relatively high.

In addition, the Apple team states that there will be a system update to optimize this kind of problem in the near future.


If you still can't add the device successfully in step 4, please click here or contact Meross Support.