46. Why can't I unlock my garage door opener with Alexa app?

General description.

For the security reason, "Open" (US/CA users)or “Unlock” (DE/IT/ES/FR/UK users) function is disabled by default. You can enable it in Alexa app device settings.

Method of enabling this option.

Please follow below figure shows. (This function only available for Meross skill.) 

For US/CA users

For EU users



Regarding “Unlock by voice” function, Alexa requires user to set a 4 digits code. Alexa will verify this code each time when you try to unlock the garage door. If you enter the code mistakenly for three time in a row, the “Unlock” function will be disabled again.

NOTE:  Alexa has limitation of 'unlock' function for some countries, like ES/IT/FR/UK. If you don't have page as below, you should use 'smart meross' skill to open the garage by voice. e.g. 'Alexa, ask smart meross to open the garage door'.

If above points do not help, please email your meross account to support@meross.com, we will help solve the issue timely.