53. There is interference with my original remote, what can I do?

General description.

Only a few garage openers has interference problem with our device. Move our devie as far as it can is the way to reduce or avoid interference. You can use our accessory or connect device to your wall button to achieve it.

Ways to do

1. Provide below information to support@meross.com, we will send you accessory. 

    1) Amazon order ID of MSG100.

    2) Learn button color of your garage door opener(below is a yellow learn button for reference).

    3) Your opener brand and model.

    4) An address for the accessory shipment.


2. Move the device to wall button. You can refer below example, connect 'Signal Control Cable' to wall button wires to do it.

If above points do not help, please email  support@meross.com, we will help solve the issue timely.