7. How do I control Smart Devices by Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap with voice commands?

1. "Alexa, find devices."
This command is used in order to activate devices discovery.
2. "Alexa, turn on/off bedroom."
This command will have the Echo/Dot/Tap in order to turn on or off the smart device.
3. "Alexa, dim/brighten the kitchen."
This command with either dim or increase the brightness of smart bulb in increments of 25%.
4. "Alexa, turn/set the kitchen to xx percent."
This command will adjust the brightness of smart bulb by the xx percentage you state.
5. "Alexa, set kitchen to xxxx."
This command will change color LED bulb to xxxx color you state.
Note: A list of colors can be found in Supported Colors and Shades of White for Alexa Smart Light Control.