How to connect Meross device to Google Assistant?

Step 1: Log in to the Meross app and set an easy-to-use name for your device.
Give your device an easy-to-use name. For example, if you name your device bedroom "bedroom", you can say "OK Google, please close the bedroom". The device will be shut down.
Naming rules:
If you have multiple devices under your Meross account, please give each device a different name. Otherwise, Google Assistant will not be able to distinguish them.
When choosing a name for each device, it's best to avoid words/names that sound similar. Also, please avoid adding numbers after the device name. When choosing names for different devices, simple names are better.
Note: Google Assistant uses "Light", "Plug", "Outlet" and "Switch" as the category names of smart home devices. When naming devices, avoid using these descriptions.

Step 2: Go to the "Set up Device" section of the Google Home or Google Assistant app.

Open the Google Home or Google Assistant app, click the menu button, and then click "Setup Device".

Step 3: Select "Work with Google".


Step 4: Select "Meross".

Step 5: Log in to your Meross account.

Enter your Meross account information (your email address and password associated with the Meross app) and click "Authorize".

Step 6: Assign your Meross device to the room.

After linking your Meross account to Google Assistant, you can assign the device to the room for a more relaxing voice command experience.

Step 7: All done!

After assigning the device to the room, you can use your voice to control all Meross devices through Google Assistant.