How to make my Meross device compatible with IFTTT?

Step 1: Open the IFTTT application and select the "Create your own" function.

For the IFTTT Android version: Scroll down to find "Create your own".

For IFTTT iOS version:

Step 2: Click to select trigger service.

Step 3: Choose an option, such as "Button widget".

Step 4: Click to select the action service.

Step 5: Search and select "Meross".


Step 6: Select "Turn on" or other operations.

Step 7: Click "Connect" and authorize your Meross account.


Step 8: Click to select a Meross device you want to control with IFTTT, and then click "Create action".

Step 9: Configure widget settings.


Step 10: Create a home screen icon (optional).