[018] Is my garage door opener (GDO) compatible with MSG100?

General Description

What models we support and don't support?

A simple way to test 

General Decription?

Generally we can say the compatibility of MSG100 is very good:

1. MSG100  is compatible with the vast majority of GDO, especially if your GDO was bought before 2011.

2. Only some high-end band, like Chamberlain/Craftman, and only several models of them are NOT compatible. And we have workaround way to hack.

3. If you can not make sure the compatibility, a simple way using one wire to short the terminals is easy to check.

What models we support and don't support?

Totally >1500 models and ~200 brands.

Please download the compatibility file to check.

MSG100 Compatibility Table

A simple way to test compatibility

If your model is not in the list, or you want to double confirm it, please follow below steps:

1. Find two terminals which the wall-button wires connected to. Normally one is COMMON, one is Radio/Pushbutton/Alternative/OPCS/OSC and so on.

2. Use one test wire to short these two terminals, if doors open/close alternatively, it is compatible.

Workaround method for incompatible models

1) for Chamberlain /Liftmaster

Refer below guide:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/meross-wi-fi-smart-garage-door-opener/x/19418874#/updates/4

It hacks your original RF remote, and bond it with device together.

2) Genie/Overhead Door

Purchase a "Dry Contact Adapter" https://store.geniecompany.com/products/series-iii-dry-contact-adapter