18. Is Meross MSG100 compatible with my garage door opener?

General description.

Meross MSG100 is a companion device to your existing garage door opener, please verify its compatibility before purchasing.

What models is MSG100 compatible with?

Please download below table for detail.

MSG100 Compatibility Table

A simple way to test compatibility.

If your model is not in the list, or you want to double confirm it, please follow below steps:

1. Find two terminals which the wall-button wires connected to. Normally one is COMMON, one is Radio/Pushbutton/Alternative/OPCS/OSC.

2. Use a pliers to short the two terminals, if doors open/close alternatively, it is compatible.

Solutions for incompatible models.

1. Contact support@meross.com and email us your garage door opener brand and model, we will provide proper solution for you. 

2. For partial Chamberlain/Liftmaster/Craftman models. You can check below link for reference.


3. For partial Genie/Overhead door. Please check below link for reference.