19. Is there any workaround for incompatible garage door opener?

A: Yes. Please contact support@meross.com and email us the brand and model number of your existing garage door opener, we can then provide proper solution for you.

Moreover, customers are advised to check below content before implementing the workaround way. We use Craftsman GDO as an example.

1. Find your remote control, and try the button which can open and close the garage door.

2.  Remove the remote lid, find the click button.

3. Try to find the soldering points of the button.

4. Use a test wire to try any two of them, to see if the door can be open and closed alternatively.

5. If above test works. Solder the wires on the remote control. 

6. Let one end of the wire be outside of the remote control.

7. Screw the "Signal Control Cable" to MSG100. 

8. Connect the remote control to your MSG100 with the "Signal Control Cable", then you can control your existing garage door opener via Meross app now. : )