20. How to connect my smart garage door opener to Amazon Alexa?

* Notice: Alexa officially supported garage device type recently for US/CA. Now US/CA user can use OPEN/CLOSE to control garage, just like you control the smart plug. 

DE/ES/IT/FR/UK users wil still use locker as the device type, and Lock/Unlock to control garage. 


Step 1: Add Meross smart garage door opener in the Meross app.   

Step 2: Open Amazon Alexa app, find "Skills & Games” as below figures show.  



Step 3: Search "Meross”. 

Voice commands for "Meross" skill:

-"Hi Alexa, open/close garage door."  (US/CA only)

-"Hi Alexa, lock/unlock garage door." 

  -"Hi Alexa, is my garage door locked?"  

  Note: Please replace “garage door” to the garage door name you set. Amazon Alexa support Security Code function, you can enable it via Amazon Alexa app.


Step 4: Choose the 'meross' skill and link with your meross account.



Step 5: Discover devices. Find your garage door(or lock) in 'All Devices'


Step 6: For the security reason, “Open” or "Unlock" function is disabled by default. You can enable it as below figure shows. 


Regarding “Open by voice” or "Unlock by voice"function, Alexa requires user to set a 4 digits code. Alexa will verify this code each time when you try to open the garage door. If you enter the code mistakenly for three time in a row, the “open” or "unlock" function will be disabled again.


Step 8: All done! Try it now!


If above points do not help, please email your meross account to support@meross.com, we will help solve the issue timely.