21. How to connect my smart garage door opener to Google Assistant & Google Home?

(Please pronounce Meross as /'mɪrɚs/ for better voice recognition.)

Meross smart garage door opener now is compatible with both Google Home and Google Assistant. Steps 2-5 are for Google Home app configuration and steps 6-9 are for Google Assistant app configuration.

Step 1: Add Meross smart garage door opener in the Meross app first.

Step 2: Open Google Home app, press "Add" button and then choose "Set up device".


Step 3: Choose "Works with Google" option and then find "Meross" in the action list.


Step 4: Sign in with your Meross account and then you can add the Meross smart garage door opener in the Google Home app.


Step 5: All done! Try it now!

  -"Hey Google, open/close my garage."

    -"Can I have your security code?" (Please only use security code function with Google Home device/Google Assistant app. If you use it with Google Home app, the Google Home app will crash, it is a bug from Google side, and Meross team is pushing Google to solve it.)

  -"Hey Google, is my garage opened/closed?"

  Note: Please replace "garage" to the garage door name you set. Security code is an optional setting.


Step 6: Open Google Assistant app, press "Discover" icon to search.


Step 7: Type in "Smart Meross" and search.


Step 8: Press "Link" button and sign in with your Meross account.



Step 9: All done! Try it now!

You have two ways to control the garage.

  -"Hey Google, ask Smart Meross to open/close the garage door one/two/...."

    -"Can I have your PIN code?"  

  -"Hey Google, ask Smart Meross to check the garage door one/two/...."


  -"Hey Google, talk to Smart Meross." 

    -"Open/Close garage one/two/...." 

      -"Can I have your PIN code?"

    -"Check garage."

Note: PIN code is an optional setting.


If above points do not help, please email your meross account to support@meross.com, we will help solve the issue timely.