Smart WiFi Light Strip Controller | MSL320

  • Easily control your bulbs at anytime from anywhere* with Meross app (iOS & Android).
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Samsung SmartThings and NEST compatibility will be supported soon.
  • Create on/off schedules or auto-off rules to work around dawn and dusk.
  • Adjust brightness, tune light appearance and set from 16 million colors.
  • Works with the Wi-Fi you already have in your home. No hub or accessories required.

        *Internet connection required 


The MSL320 can be controlled from anywhere with your Meross app (iOS, Android). It allows you to turn the light strip on and off, adjust brightness, tune light appearance, choose a color from up to 16 million colors and to set schedules or auto-off timer routines around your daily needs. Moreover, after pairing with Amazon Alexa, users can simply control the connected devices with voice commands.
The MSL320 light strip is 6.7 feet long. You can bend it to nearly any forms. With its adhesive tape on the back, you can attach it to the desired surface wherever space can be found such as in the kitchen, under cabinets, the bedroom, the patio, TV Backlighting, on a mirror and even on the balcony. The light strip is suitable to be used for festive occasions such as a party, wedding, displaying holiday lights, etc. The MSL320 is IP65 waterproof, thus making it more suitable for use in a wider range of environments with exposure to the outside elements.  
The working voltage of MSL320 is 12V, which equates to low power consumption and the production of extremely low heat. This makes it more child friendly and safe to the touch.
Finally, MSL320 is Wi-Fi based. You can simply connect it to your existing home Wi-Fi without the need to purchase an extra hub.