Smart WiFi Plug Mini | MSS110

  • Compact size: allows you to stack two Mini Smart Plugs in the same outlet.
  • Remote access: control devices and appliances connected to the Smart Plug wherever you go, using the Meross app on your smartphone or tablet. Maximum 15 Amps and 15 A x 120 V =1800 Watt appliance allowed in US/CA/JP.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Line Clova and IFTTT. Samsung SmartThings and NEST compatibility will be supported soon.
  • Schedule automatically. Never go home to a dark house. Schedule the air conditioner or radiator to turn on before you arrive. Auto-off function turns lights and other devices off after X minutes or hours every time you set them on. Sunrise/Sunset is ready. Random On/Off function will be added via firmware update soon.




The MSS110 can be controlled from anywhere with your Meross app (iOS, Android).

It allows you to turn the connected devices on and off, and to set schedules or auto-off timer routine around your daily needs. Moreover, after pairing with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Line Clova, users can simply control the connected devices with voice commands.
MSS110’s compact housing design makes it considerably smaller than other smart plugs. With a thickness of just 1.5 inches, the smart plug mini blends into your outlet while without blocking adjacent power sockets.
Finally, MSS110 is Wi-Fi based. You can simply connect it to your existing home Wi-Fi without the need to purchase an extra hub.