General Instructions.

Meross smart garage door opener is a companion device for existing garage door openers and can be used in conjunction with most garage door openers on the market.

Method 1:

Go to the following page and select your brand/model.


Method 2:

If you are not sure about the compatibility, use pilers to short the wall button terminals. If garage door opens or closes, it works. Otherwise please contact us to get an accessory to make it work. 

If you pass the inspection in Method 1 or 2 , the smart garage door opener can be used directly with your garage door.

If you cannot pass the method 2 check, or the check result is shown below in method 1.



Please email the following to, and we will send you the correct accessory so that  can be used with your garage door opener.

1. The Amazon order ID.

2. The learn button color of your garage door opener (below is a yellow learn button for reference).

3. Your brand and model of the garage motor.

4. The address of the accessory shipment.